London Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea Anyone?

I made it back to London! And classic afternoon tea was my first order of business.

I had a long list of London adventures for my second visit to check off. Aside from crossing Abbey Road, tea time was high on my list. And let me tell you, London has an overwhelming amount of places for traditional tea time.

I picked The Orangery in the grounds of Kensington Palace. Yes, William and Kate residing in Kensington Palace had everything to do with my decision.

The Orangery

I made a reservation directly on the Orangery’s website a few weeks before my arrival in London. The restaurant wasn’t crowded, but I take no chances.

I decided to sit inside because it was a hot day in London. And I had tickets for the theatre later and I didn’t want to get sweaty, eww!

The charming host guided me to my table.

On the way to my table, he asked me why I was alone.

Before I could answer his question, he asked, “where is your boyfriend?”

That is the part about traveling alone that is always awkward. People always want to know where my boyfriend is.

Feeling Like Royalty

I could tell him I about my solo travels or I could lie.

So I lied.

In this version of the story, my boyfriend was at a work meeting while I explored London. This version of the story put his mind at ease.

“Well I hope he makes it up to you,” he said. I just smiled.

Lovely View of the Gardens

My server, a charming woman from Pakistan, greeted me with the warmest smile. She was so lovely and interested to know where I was from.

I told her I lived in Chicago, but my family was from Mexico. We bonded right away so I didn’t continue the boyfriend lie.

I didn’t forget to raise my pinky 😉

She recommended the glass of Pimm’s over the prosecco. An excellent choice! The best way to describe it is like a spiked iced tea, but better.

Afternoon tea

Mission Accomplished

The tea includes:

  • egg mayonnaise and cress
  • smoked salmon and cream cheese,
  • coronation chicken,
  • roast ham and English mustard sandwich,
  • cucumber and fresh mint
  • orange-scented and currant scones served with Cornish clotted cream,
  • English strawberry jam and an assortment of tea pastries

The smoked salmon and cream cheese finger sandwich and scones are highly recommended.

I sipped on my tean and enjoyed crossing another adventure off my bucket list.

My other afternoon tea options were:

Until next time London!


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