Travel Bucket List (Wanderlust)

Wanderlust Day Dreams


Suffering from Wanderlust is not easy and there’s no cure. Most days all I think about is making this happen, which is why I always work so hard. And once I finish planning a trip, I get on to planning the next one, and so on.

While planning my trip to Europe last year I didn’t know where to begin, and hurray,  travel blogs were discovered. These amazing blogs are helpful, entertaining and awesome reads. I have grown fondly of two blogs:

The Blonde Abroad 


World of Wanderlust 

If you haven’t gotten on the travel bus, perhaps this Youtube video will inspire you to begin planning a trip.

I also really enjoy looking through this list, it is a long stretch, but the places are unbelievable

I put together a list of trips I want to take. These trips are short term goals, in the sense that I intend to take them, and not just say I will. They are meant to be inspiring so others too can pack their bags and hit the road. I included the links to blogs which have helpful tips and useful information.



South America

North America






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